If you live in Victoria and have dentures, getting annual check-ups from a denture clinic is an important part of maintaining the integrity of your smile. Your dentures need quality health care in order to help you maintain good oral health, and they should be checked and adjusted to help provide consistent comfort on a daily basis. So if you are new to having dentures and are unfamiliar with check-ups, there's a few things you can expect from your next visit to the denture clinic.

Overall Assessment

After you get dentures, you need to have routine check-ups to ensure that your dentures are fitting correctly and are being properly maintained. An assessment works like a regular dental check-up, where a denturist checks the health of your mouth and gums, as well as your bite with and without dentures. Dentures are then visually inspected to determine if damage is occurring due to improper fit or hairline fractures that can occur with usage over time.

An assessment is painless, fast, and necessary to maintaining good oral health when you rely on removable or partial dentures on a daily basis.

Relining and Repairs

After an assessment, hairline fractures, cracks, and improper denture fit can be adjusted and repaired. Hairline cracks in the middle of your dentures can be an indication that your dentures are wearing out, which will either require immediate repair or denture replacement. Cracks, chips, or fractures can often be repaired during your appointment, but a denturist will also tell you when it's necessary to replace your appliance to avoid larger damage that can compromise your dentures completely.

Relining can also be performed when your dentures fit loosely, as is possible if you were fit with dentures immediately after extraction, or if you've recently had implants or surgery performed on your palate. Since soft lining can also break down by itself over time, regular check-ups and relining will remedy degradation to the soft liner that can make wearing dentures uncomfortable. 

Cleaning and Adjustment

Your dentures will be cleaned and polished to remove staining and tartar that builds up over time. Even if you maintain and care for your dentures regularly at home, having a deep clean from a denturist removes more than you can with commercial products. The dentures will also be polished to provide maximum protection from stains, and any adjustments that need to be made to individual inclusions or bite seating will be performed as well.

If you have dentures, keeping them healthy is not only the best way to extend the life of your investment, it's the best way to maintain good oral hygiene for life. Visit a denture clinic like Langford Denture Clinic today.